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ZoneAlarm Pro - Stop hackers and protect your online identity

ZoneAlarm ProThere's more to be concerned about than viruses. Spyware and identity theft are among the fastest growing threats on the Internet today. More sophisticated and dangerous than ever, spyware can track a user’s online activities and report them
to others without the user’s knowledge. And identity theft can wreak havoc on a victim’s personal finances, credit rating, and other sensitive information. The advanced, multi-layered protection of ZoneAlarm® Pro is the best defense against both of these growing threats because it stops them before they reach
a PC.

ZoneAlarm Pro integrates the world’s #1 network and program firewall and an operating system firewall to protect the system all the way down to the computer’s core. Personal data can’t leave the computer without the user’s approval, while annoying pop-up ads and cookies get blocked. ZoneAlarm Pro’s antispyware not only removes spyware already on a PC, but the
new Spy Site Blocking feature blocks it at its primary source. In addition, the Identity Theft Protection Center secures private information wherever it’s stored. And to make it all easy to use, the SmartDefense™ Service automatically configures security settings, keeping experts and novices alike protected against the latest security threats.

Essential Features of ZoneAlarm Pro:

  • Triple Defense Firewall™. The only firewall that protects your entire computer—including the operating system—from hackers and spyware

  • Anti-Spyware. Scans for and removes spyware

  • SmartDefense™ Service. Keeps your security updated with the latest Internet threat information

  • Wireless PC Protection - Automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers and other Internet threats wherever you're connected—at home or on the road.

  • Complete Mailsafe. Blocks suspect emails—inbound and outbound.

  • Expert Firewall Controls. Enables precise control of firewall settings.

  • Personal Firewall. Blocks hackers from your PC.

  • Advisor Services. Provides real-time security guidance.

  • Password Protected Settings. Locks down your security.

  • Mobile PC Protection. Keeps you safe, wherever you are.

Keep your private information private—the only product you need to protect yourself from hackers, thieves, and other Internet villains. But that's not all. It's a firewall, a cloak of invisibility, an email virus controller, an ad blocker, a hacker stopper, a criminal reporter, and an Internet guardian angel for you, your private information, and your computer.

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Identity Theft Protection

While ZoneAlarm continues to secure your identity information on your PC, these new Identity Theft Protection services also prevent identity theft over the Internet and even in the physical world. 

  • Stops pre-approved credit card offers, which contain sensitive financial data often used by criminals for identity theft (offered via a credit industry service - US only)

  • Detects theft by monitoring both cyberspace and stolen credit card lists from vendors, consumers, and the underground. Alerts you if your credit cards are stolen

  • Provides a low-cost, public records report to alert you of fraud, such as phony DMV records (US only)

  • Assists identity theft victims with personal telephone counseling to guide them through resolution and recovery (US only)

  • Offers identity theft education and tools to help you prevent, detect and recover from identity theft

Network and Program Firewall

Delivers proactive firewall protection with multiple layers of security that stop inbound, outbound, and program attacks while remaining completely invisible to hackers.

  • Guards the network perimeter from inbound and outbound threats with the world's #1 firewall

  • Prevents spyware and other malicious programs from sending your personal information across the Internet

  • Automatically makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet

  • Protects your programs from malware

  • Prevents spyware from sending your personal information across the Internet

  • Protects your programs and operating system from malware

Operating System Firewall (OSFirewall™)

This additional layer of security prevents hard-to-remove spyware from getting onto your PC and causing damage.

  • Monitor program installation, registry changes and file access down to your PC's core

  • Monitor additional program actions for more thorough protection

  • Prevents malicious software from damaging files in your core Windows operating system


Always runs full-strength to catch and eliminate spyware before it gets onto your PC.

  • Improved ability to remove even the most persistent, hard-to-find spyware that infiltrate your PC at the core level

  • Automatically removes the most dangerous and useless spyware for you

  • Clears legitimate monitoring software (such as cookies for Web sites you use frequently) so it doesn’t get picked up in every spyware scan

Spy Site Blocking

Prevents spyware from getting on your PC by blocking its primary source: spyware distribution websites.

  • Blocks you from accidentally visiting or being redirected to websites that distribute spyware

  • Prevents spyware already on your computer from contacting websites to exchange information, give out your personal data, or get updates

Privacy Protection

  • Manages and blocks pop-up ads, online profiling, cookies, cache, and scripts so you can surf in peace.

Game Mode

  • One-click control temporarily suppresses most security alerts and prevents them from interrupting your fun while maintaining maximum protection for your PC.

Essential Email Security

  • Quarantines suspicious attachments to help defend against unknown viruses; automatically halts outbound messages to keep you from accidentally infecting others.

Wireless PC Protection

  • Automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers and other Internet threats wherever you're connected - at home or on the road.

SmartDefense™ Service

  • Provides your PC with real-time security updates, improved response to breaking spyware threats, and new attack protection capabilities.

  • SmartDefense Advisor automatically adjusts your security settings for maximum protection against the latest virus and spyware outbreaks

  • Includes DefenseNet, an early warning system that gathers data from the Zone Labs user community on the latest spyware and malware outbreaks

  • Leverages this vast user knowledge by including it in signature updates that protect your PC from the latest spyware attacks

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