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SpyBuster - Powerful Spyware and Adware Protection and Removal

Detect and remove spyware with SpyBuster. Prevent identity theft with anti spy software.

SpyBuster Software version 3.0 has been redesigned, giving users the ultimate in spyware detection and removal. SpyBuster is one of the oldest names in the industry, providing the best spyware removal services for over 5 years.

SpyBuster has been designed with simplicity and scalability in mind. But don't let the easy to use graphical interface fool you, SpyBuster 3.0 is packed with features and powerful scanning routines to hunt down the nastiest of spyware and adware.

SpyBuster 3.0 comes with several unique scan routines, including:

  • Memory Module Scanning

  • Internet History Scanning

  • Registry Scanning

  • File System Scanning

  • Intelligent Scanning

Also included is a real time monitor that protects your computer 24/7! SpyBuster's real time spyware and adware monitor disables spyware and adware resident in memory!

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How do I know if I have spyware?

  • If your web browser's home page has changed to a website that you didn't set it to, or your computer is running much slower than normal while performing routine tasks you may be infected with spy or adware.

  • If you download music, there is a big chance that your computer has been infected with spyware known as "adware." Adware comes bundled. with many types of freeware products, and collect vast amounts of information about you.

  • Think someone knows your personal information? Identity theft is a common problem, often caused by spyware and adware programs that are overlooked on your computer. Remove spyware with SpyBuster anti spy software. Spyware removal is simple and easy with our spyware and adware removal tool.

  • Do you suspect someone spying on your computer activity? Let SpyBuster search your computer for hundreds of commercial spy software programs and thousands of adware programs. Commercial spyware can track every single action you do on the computer. Some spyware is designed to transmit all recorded information over the Internet to the person who installed it on your machine. Not only is this stealth method undetected by any user, it also puts your data at risk on the Internet for anyone to see. Find out if you have spyware installed today! Adware causes popups, system errors, becomes a general hassle and can also lead to spyware installation.

How Can I Remove Spyware?

  • Download SpyBuster anti spy software and scan your computer for thousands of spyware and adware components.

  • Detect and remove spyware and adware with our powerful anti spy software.

  • Use SpyBuster 3: Professional's real-time monitoring agent to stop the installation of spyware and adware.

  • SpyBuster helps prevent identity theft - a common occurrence with spyware.

How SpyBuster works to protect you?

Below is an explanation of some of our features for SpyBuster 3.0. Remove spyware now and download SpyBuster 3.0 to ensure your computer is safe from spyware, adware, various trojan horses and dialer applications.

Real Time Monitoring: SpyBuster 3.0 now includes our real time monitor. SpyBuster 3.0's spyware monitor scans all current processes inside your system's memory and terminates detected spyware automatically!

Memory Module Scanning: SpyBuster 3.0 not only scans active processes on your computer, but also the individual files in use by these active processes. This means any files that programs are accessing, IE dll's, temp files, activeX controls, etc. are all scanned. Most anti spyware programs only detect the spyware process, but fail to remove all of the associated spyware dll's that come with it, causing it to be reinstalled.

Scan History: SpyBuster 3.0 allows users to look back and see what has been detected in the past. Users can view which spyware keeps coming back, narrowing down who used the computer last and is visiting spyware infested websites and or installing insecure software on the computer.

Scanning Speed and Accuracy: SpyBuster uses the state-of-the-art scanning technology developed by our engineers. This scanner searches your entire system for malicious software in mere seconds with accuracy that cannot be matched. Our competitors software can take up to an hour to scan your system and may still miss parasites that are hidden deep in your system. SpyBuster's scanner finds the programs that others may miss in a fraction of the time.

Custom Scan Routines: SpyBuster 3.0 comes with a custom scan designer. Users can create their own scan profiles, and only scan the memory and files if they desire, or only scan cookies and the system registry. Its entirely up to you. System administrators can setup this custom scan routine have SpyBuster run scans when users log in via login scripts.

Multiple Scanning Methods: SpyBuster 3.0 features several different scan methods to meet the security needs of any user. The Quick Scan feature provides a complete and thorough scan of the user's registry; eliminating unwanted spyware and adware in a matter of seconds. The Full Scan feature scans deep into the system memory, including processes and memory modules, internet cookies, the system registry, and the all files and folders. All these tools combined give your computer a level of protection and security that is unmatched in the industry. The Optimal Scan combines our quick scan with our full scan, targeting all of the major components of the system including the operating system files. SpyBuster also has a Custom Scan, allowing users to select what scans to run, see more below.

Brand New Interface: SpyBuster 3.0 is designed to be powerful enough for the most advanced user, yet simple enough for novice users. This is accomplished with an easy to use graphical interface. We hope you like the new graphical style and feel to SpyBuster 3.0, and behind it is unmatched code designed to ensure your privacy.

Dedicated Customer Support: SpyBuster was created by Bothwell Innovations, LLC, originally doing business as Nitrous Online, an established and trusted name. Since it was founded in 1999, Bothwell Innovation's has built a reputation for being dedicated to it's customers. This dedication stems from our devoted customer support systems. Our Customer Support interface can be easily reached simply by visiting our website, 24 hours a day. Your questions are routed to our knowledgeable technicians who are there for any problems or questions that you may have, and in the quickest possible time. For more simple operations issues SpyBuster comes equipped with one of the most detailed Help Files available. Screenshots, diagrams, FAQ's and troubleshooting make any operating errors with SpyBuster simple to resolve. Bothwell Innovations is fully committed to making sure that you are completely satisfied with your software and is dedicated to be there for any needs you may have before and after your purchase.

Online Update Capability: SpyBuster offers one of the largest databases available, providing protection from thousands of spyware and adware components. To view a portion of our database, click here. But in this day and age, new ways of intruding into your system are developed every day. To ensure the security of your computer you need software that can detect these constantly evolving parasites. That is why SpyBuster engineers are constantly updating our database by tracking down and destroying all the latest spyware and adware components as soon as they are developed. SpyBuster comes with an Online Update feature that lets you update your database as well as your SpyBuster Software. A built in mini-browser even displays detailed information about the latest build revisions and database updates, so you know exactly what tools and updates have been added. All these features make sure that you always have the most powerful protection available--protection that will never become outdated.

SpyBuster 3.0 Highlights

  • Included is our real time monitor protecting your computer against spyware and adware files that are executed from other programs.

  • SpyBuster 3.0 has an extensive database, triple the size of previous versions.

  • Process and memory module scanning prevent spyware from hiding anywhere in memory.

  • Automatic Updates to keep your spyware and adware definitions up to date ensuring maximum protection.

  • Intelligent Scanning which allows SpyBuster to detect and remove spyware and adware files that are not in our database! SpyBuster is actually able to find unique spyware and adware files on your computer which aren't recognized in our data file. SpyBuster can detect randomly generated file names, a new installation tactic by many spyware vendors.

  • Four scan routines for ultimate spy detection including Quick, Full, Optimal and Custom scans.

  • SpyBuster scans all running programs and shuts off detected spyware.

  • Extremely easy to use push button interface.

  • Professional technical support.

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