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Internet Privacy Pro - PC Protection and Personal Privacy Utility Software


Did you know, that anyone (your Boss, Family, Friends, "Anyone") who uses your computer can find out what you have been using it for?

Did you know that every time you use the Internet your Internet activities are being recorded? That every picture you've seen while you are on-line is copied to your hard drive? That every website you've visited on-line is recorded into a secret file in Windows and is added to your drop down list? That your homepage could be changed and you can be tracked from anywhere in the world? Your computer doesn't seem to personal anymore does it?

Buy Internet Privacy Pro Today!

What will happen if: Your Boss discovers what is on your PC? Your Family discovers what is on your PC? Your computer needs to be repaired?

Keep your surfing habits private! Don't get caught with PORN or other SENSITIVE MATERIALS on your computer.

What you do on the Internet is your business. Stop others from snooping or Internet Privacy Optionsspying on your on-line activities. Protect your privacy at home and at work. Prevent your boss, family and friends from ever accidentally or purposely finding out what you do on the Internet.

If more then one person uses your computer you need Internet Privacy Pro! Who knows what they do when they are on-line! You are at risk of being blamed for what they do when they use your computer. Don't be held responsible for someone else's actions.

Internet Privacy Professional will ensure that all the Internet activities taking place on your computer will remain private, because simply erasing your history and cache is NOT Enough! ProtInternet Privact Pro Windowect your job, family, and freedom today with Internet Privacy Pro.

After all, that's why it is called a Personal Computer. Let us help you keep it that way.

Internet Privacy Pro Erases Your Tracks for your Safety and Protection:

Microsoft Windows Options

  • Erase Windows Swap Files

  • Erase Windows Temporary Files

  • Erase Windows Clipboard Data

  • Erase Windows Registry MRU

  • Erase Windows Registry Streams

  • Erase Windows Application Log WIN95/98 (NEW)

  • Erase Windows Media Player History

  • Erase Windows My Documents

  • Erase Windows Common Dialog History

  • Erase Windows Recycle Bin

  • Windows Recycle Bin - Hot Key

Start Menu Options

  • Erase Recent Documents List

  • Erase Run Program History

  • Erase Start Menu Order History

  • Erase Start Menu Click History

  • Erase Find Computer History

  • Erase Find Files History

Microsoft Internet Explorer/Netscape/Opera Options

  • Erase URL List From Address Bar

  • Erase Visited URL History Files

  • Erase Temporary Internet Files

  • Internet Explorer Prevent Changing Home Page

  • Erase Auto Complete Form and Passwords

  • Erase Favorites URL

  • Erase Index.dat

  • Erase Internet Explorer Cookies

  • Erase Download Components

  • Erase Opera Cookies (NEW)
    Erase Opera Cache (NEW)

  • Erase Netscape Navigator Cookies

 General Program Options

  • Internet Privacy Pro Autorun - The auto run feature will automatically start the clean up function for the saved configurations after regular intervals. The lowest time span in 1 minute and maximum is 1 day.

  • Control Display Detailed Log Operations - Stealth mode hide Internet Privacy Pro from the taskbar and system tray. It will pop when you press your Stealth Mode Hotkey. The Stealth Mode Hot Key is Ctrl + Shift + user defined key.

  • Auto Refresh - During long operations involving thousands of files, the Log Window may become too full, using memory and system resources. After the Auto Run option is selected this program will run automatically. The selection ranges from minimum 1 minute to maximum 1 day. This function will clear and refresh the Log Window after the pre-set number of lines. We recommend 1000-5000 lines for refreshing.

  • Registry Backup - Every time Windows 95\98 shutdowns, Windows takes a backup of the Registry. The Registry backup may contain sensitive data and its size increases after few days. These fill are normally present in Windows directory. This option is not available for Windows NT\2000\XP since there is no such automatically registry backup available when shutdown. This software deletes all these registry backup in Windows 95\98.

  • Security Mode - You can choose the file destruction method. You can setup the file deletion using the Standard 5220.22-M. This is the standard laid down by US Defense Government. Though this standard is old, for the average user this standard is perfect. Internet Privacy Pro securely cleans the data and the chance of recovery is diminished. Windows - Method Of Destruction Zero - The file is over-written with zero's. (00000000) Zero + Reverse - As above but then overwritten with 1's (11111111) Zero + Reverse + Randomize - As above, but then overwritten with pseudo-random garbage Windows remembers the Date & Time of file/folder creation, modification and last access. Select this option to scramble and randomize Dates and Times for Files and Folders. So scrambling the file before deletion will make recovery of the deleted file very difficult.

Custom Program Options

  • Custom Files - You can enter individual files that you wish to be purified every time Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 Runs. Do not use MS-DOS names like C:\newtext~1.doc. always use the full Windows file and path name, including any spaces. Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 will search for the specified file/files and delete them.

  • Custom File Contents - Enter individual files that you wish to be purified without the file being deleted. The file remains in the same place on the disk only with contents securely deleted. Do not use MS-DOS names like C:\newtext~1.doc. Always use the full Windows file and path name, including any spaces. The difference in this and the above option is that, using this option only deletes the contents of the file whereas the above option deletes the file itself.

  • Custom Folders - All folders listed here will be securely purified and deleted. It also deletes all files and sub folders inside the specified folder.
    Check the Erase All folders and subfolders in the List to delete them when Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 is executed.

  • Folder Scans - Specify the folder and the file type. Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 will scan for the file mask. This option allows you to target individual folders and file types. For example: To delete all .tmp files from the windows folder, you enter C:\windows\ in the folder section and enter *.tmp in the mask section. Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 will search for all the files in the windows folder with extension tmp and delete the files.

  • Custom Plug-Ins - Internet Privacy Pro 2.0 will list all the Plug-Ins available for popular applications up to 50 of them. Check the boxes on the left to enable or disable each Plug-In.

Drive Options

  • This is a centralized control panel for cleaning the files. You can add a list of available drives and the file extensions. When Internet Privacy Pro is executed, it will scan for all the files and delete them from the listed drives.

  • Drive Scan - Functions which scan for special file types which you wish to eliminate from the selected drives. In this there are two list box first one is for drives, in this enter only drive letter which you want to search. Other one is for Masks, in this enter extension of files which you want to delete.

  • File Masks - File masks are patterns which the drives will be scanned for. Wild-cards of * and ? are allowed.

  • Scramble Attributes - Windows remembers the Date & Time of file/folder creation, modification and last access. Select this option to scramble and randomize Dates and Times for Files and Folders. You can set the date range to the Past or to the Future.

  • FREE Space Scan - Cleans Free Space on your drives. An essential function to make sure you complete the job properly. Don't skip on this section. It takes at least 5-10 minutes depends upon your hard drive free space. Computer time is almost free, let it do the hard work for you to keep your system crystal-clear.

  • Enable Free Space Elimination - Free data in all unallocated areas on your drive is overwritten with multiple passes of garbage according to your settings under the Security Mode. There is no commercial service available that can reverse this function - total elimination.

  • High-Performance Mode - Two functions are available - high-speed cleaning of directory structures and high-speed cleaning of file cluster tips. You can safely check all options in this section and be amazed at the rapid rate with which it will thoroughly cleanse your drives. Cleaning rate is approximately 3,200 files per minute on a fast PC for cluster tips.

  • Directory Structures - When you delete files, Windows sometimes keeps their names buried in the directory structure of the hard drive. This function scans and analyzes all the folders on your drives, securely eliminating all traces of deleted file names, and also their times, dates, sizes and attributes, leaving not one single trace of evidence remaining. As a full low-level cleaning solution, it is activated by a single checkbox. There is no need to adjust this function in any way, it is fully automatic.

  • File Structures - Files are stored on your disk in clusters. Clusters are fixed chunks of space provided by the Windows File System. If the cluster size is 4kb and your file is 6kb, then your file takes two clusters but only occupies half the second cluster. Files normally have free space at their tips, containing data left-over from previous insecurely deleted files.

Restriction Options

  • Disable "Change Password" Button - Disable the "change password" Button from the Dialog Box "Windows Security" that is displayed when you press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys.

  • Disable "Properties" When You Right Click On Your Desktop - Disable the "Display Control Panel" when you right click on the desktop and select "Properties".

  • Disable Find Files or Folders - Disable the "Find Files or Folders .." from the Search Menu when you press "start".

  • Disable "Lock Computer" Button - Disable the "Lock Computer" Button from the Dialog Box "Windows Security" that is displayed when you press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys.

  • Disable Right click on Taskbar - Disable the popup menu that appears when you right click on the taskbar.

  • Disable "Shut Down" Button - Disable the "Shut Down" Button from the Dialog Box "Windows Security" that is displayed when you press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys.

  • Disable Task Manager - The Task Manager can be opened in two ways. First by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and click the "Task Manager" Button or you can right click on the taskbar and Select "Task Manager.." from the popup menu. This option will disable both these options and will not allow the user to open the Task Manager Program.


Internet Privacy Pro is a powerful and flexible privacy software program meant to be deployed on a single user stand alone PC or Laptop.

With a startling and user friendly Interface, Internet Privacy Pro is self-documenting and has a very detailed and easy to understand help system that explains all the features and uses of Internet Privacy Pro in great detail.

Using Internet Privacy Pro daily will protect you by purifying your computer system and by removing traces of your recently accessed files. Regular use of Internet Privacy Pro will also help optimize and speed up the performance of your PC / Laptop for faster use.

With a single button click, Internet Privacy Pro will begin a fully automatic data cleaning task that will thoroughly purge your PC of hidden computer data which could later be recovered with Forensic Software to be used as evidence against you.

Buy Internet Privacy Pro Today!


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